Climate Activists Website
@KevinClimate Anderson, Kevin  Climate scientist Blog, Commentary on Climate.
@KateAronoff Aronoff, Kate "Try fossil fuel executives for crimes against humanity."
@MargaretAtwood Atwood, Margaret E. Author "The Edible Woman", "Surfacing", Lady oracle", Life before Man".
@klimaatVeranda Bart Verheggen Dutch site  Dilemma’s van de wetenschapper
@alicebell Bell, Alice Works for a climate Charity, writes the history and politics of science.
@Tzeporah Berman, Tzeporah Co founder Climate Unit Greenpeace
@_richardblack Black, Richard Director, Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit @ECIU_UK. Former BBC science
@MikeBloomberg Bloomberg, Mike Philanthropist, Mayor of NYC, environmenal and gun safety advocate.
@JasonBordoff Bordoff, Jason Center on Global Energy Policy
@EricaRBower Bower, Erica R. Writer  @ClimateDiaspora  @InsideNatGeo
@DmnqBrowning Browining, Dominique Rally mothers to fight air pollution   @CleanAirMoms
@AndyBrown1_ Brown, Andy Climate breakdown speaker
@jo_m_chandler Chandler, Jo M. Alarmed warmist Journalist  @Unimelb blog G
#CoolPlanet Charlemagne, Feliquan Co founder Ocala March For Our Lives, Fl lead for US Youth Climate Strike.
@ClimateNetwork Climate Network Train, support and empower peer messengers.
@havenruthie Coleman, Haven Activist, 13, choose to save world instead. Co-Founder USYClimateStrike.
 @johnfocook Cook, John  Research asstProf, Center for Climate Change Communication, George Mason U
@climatemegan Darby, Megan Deputy editor at @ClimateHome news
@DataProgress Data for Progress New generation of progressives- green job guarantee
@PaulEDawson Dawson, Paul E.   Vulnerability to a level of #climate disruption civilisation has never seen.
@TonydeBrum de Brum, Tony Marshall Islands
@Nicolaasderegt de Regt, Nicolaas J. Corporate Climate activism.
@EcoExpert1 Delaney, Clare Connect and protect!  Blog  Claire Delaney
@DemSocialists Dem Soc of Am. Single payer healthcare
@GeoffDembicki Dembicki, Geoff Writes for Vice, author "Are We Screwed?"
@JamesGDyke Dyke, James Writer, public speaker, UK
@PEspinosaC Espinosa, Patricia C. Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change @UNFCCC
@hfairfield Fairfield, Hannah Climate editor NYT
@dfenton Fenton, David Chairman of Fenton,  social change communications. Focus on climate change
@MaddyFernands Fernands, Maddy Climate justice activist, Natl Comm Dir US Climate Strike
@CFigueres Figueres, Christiana Blogger, climate activist;  greenhouse gas emissions curve by 2020
@cflav Flavelle, Christopher Climate adaptation reporter for Bloomberg News. Canadian.
@afreedma, Freedman, Andrew Axios science editor
@Fridays4future Fridays4Future Greta Thunberg: heroic figure for young people's climate future.
@GretchenTG Goldman, Gretchen PhD Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy USC
@dino_grandoni Grandoni, Dino Reporter covering energy and environmental police Write
@MilesGrant Grant, Miles Advocacy communicator,   climate Hawk,
GreenNewDeal Green New Deal A sweeping economic mobilization to build a clean and just economy.
@DoctorVive Guenther, Dr. Genevieve Founder: End Climate Silence
@rgunns Gunn-Wright, Rhiana Policy lead for Green New Deal
@Ha_Tanya Ha, Tanya Climate broadcaster
@p_hannam Hannam, Peter Jornalist environments for @smh Sydney Morning Herald
@hal_harvey Harvey, Hal Designing Climate Solutions CEO EnergyInnov
@ClimateComms Hassol, Susan Public understanding of Climate Change.  Susan Hassol
@MaryHeglar Heglar, Mary Publications Dir for @NRDC blogger
@markhertsgaard Hertsgaard, Mark Busts the media in The Nation for poor climate coverage
@GeorgeHeyman Heyman, George BC Minister of Env and CC Strategy
@LeoHickman Hickman, Leo Director/editor of @CarbonBrief. Served 16 years at the Guardian
@Zhirji28 Hirji, Zahra Buzzfeed News climate reporter.
@israhirsi Hirsi, Isra Advocacy, policy & activism. Co exec director YouthClimateStrike
@nplhpodcast Hitt, Mary Anne Podcast NoPlaceLike Home. @nplhpodcast.  Sierra Club  @beyondcoal
@DeSmogBlog Hoggan, James Exposing and fighting the climate denialist orgs.
@emilyhholden Holden, Emily; Sensitive:
@EricHolthaus Holthaus, Eric Meteorologist writer @grist   Podcast
@theintercept Intercept, The Good, accurate and timely journalism.
@ByIanJames James, Ian Reporter Arizona Republic
@PramilaJayapal Jayapal, Pramila Advocate, Medicare for all, immigrant and human rights.
@DJaye Jaye, Dyanna Co-founder Sunrise Movement. Army of young people to fight climate change.
@Safaaljayoussi Jayoussi, Safa Al Environmental advocate, climate change activist and expert.
@climatebrad Johnson, Brad Climate hawk  Founder of #ClimateSilence and #DontFundEvil campaigns.
@annajanejoyner Joyner, Anna Jane Climate Advocate, Comm Host nplh
@justicedems Justice Democrats New gen of diverse working-class leaders in Dem pty
@blkahn Kahn, Brian L. Earth3r Senior Reporter   Open DM
@AlexCKaufman Kaufman, Alexander Huffpost reporter on Climate
@RoKhanna Khanna, Ro Preserve environment, healthcare for all
@downwithtyranny Klein, Howie Down with tyranny
@NaomiAKlein Klein, Naomi A. Lots of books "No is not enough",  "This changes everything"
@FredKrupp Krupp, Fred Pres. Environmental Defense Fund
@gregladen Laden, Greg
@SophieLampl Lampl, Sophie GreenPeace Austria
@rebleber Leber, Rebecca Mother Jones reporter climate
@fastlerner Lerner, Sharon Environmental issues-Intercept
@ClimateAdam Levy, Dr. Adam Climate scientist, journalist, speaker.
misa.misa1120 Levy, Salomee Youth activist and writer, Intl Congress of Youth voices, US Y Climate Strike
@STWorg Lewandowsky, Stephan Univ. of Bristol - research in misinformation, post-truth deception, climate change change
@amyluers Luers, Amy Exec Dir @Futureearth
@mark_lynas Lynas, Mark Environment/science writer "High Tide", "How we got it so wrong on GMO's."
@kmac Mackenzie, Kate Climate and financial matters write.r
@MaibachEd Maibach, Ed "Climate change is a public health emergency. We must take action with urgencyncy."
@SenMarkey Markey, Ed National leader on energy, environment, climate, telecom.  Sponsor GND
@SeanMcElwee McElwee, Sean Writer progressive Virginia
@cathmckenna McKenna, Catherine Ottawa Centre MP/Députée. Minister of Environment and Climate Change
@billmckibben McKibben, Bill Founder
@AsherMinns Minns, Asher Science of climate change communication.  Dir Tyndall centre
@GeorgeMonbiot Monbiot, George Writer for the Guardian
@chriscmooney Mooney, Chris Washington Post
@climatemorgan Morgan, Jennifer  Dir Greenpeace Int. Passionate;  charting  transformational change now!
@newconsensus New Consensus The world needs a new world view. Economic mobilization.
@ProfBarbaraN Norman, Barbara Chair ACT Climate Change Council, CURF
@dana1981 Nuccitelli, Dana Climatology vs Pseudoscience
@AOC Occasio-Cortez, A. AOC. Member of congress and inspirational advocate of the Green New Deal.
@NaomiOreskes Oreskes, Naomi Writer  "Merchants of Doubt" studying climate denial.
@jaimedebourbon Parme, Jaime deBourbon Climate, human rights activist.
@sarapeach Peach, Sara Yale Climate Connections - climate advice, questions to.
@JillPeetersWX Peeters, Jill Founder Climate without borders
@PplPolicyProj People's Policy Project Thinktank; Serve the many not the few.
@kylepope Pope, Kyle Busts media - Columbia Journalism Review. Editor & publisher.  @cjr
@VarshPrakash Prakash, Varshini Exec dir of Sunrise Mvmt
@AyannaPressley Pressley, Ayanna Boston city council, congress - change can't wait
@JMPyper Pyper, Julia Canadian GreenTechMedia
@AssaadRazzouk Razzouk, Assad CEO @syndicatum  Entrepreneur & Investor
@readfearn Readfern, Graham blogger about climate denial. Planet Oz blog.
@collinrees Rees, Collin Campaigner, human rights, climate, racial justice.  OIL Change US
@Revkin Revkin, Andrew Pursuing progress on a finite, fast-forward, noisy planet (link:,
@drvox Roberts, David Blogs for   Climate policy.  Climate hawk.
@poet_economist Robertson, Joseph Global Strategy Dir @CitizensClimate  sign up
@BernieSanders Sanders, Bernie Single payer advocate, thinker, activist, candidate.
@OvaisSarmad Sarmad, Ovais Deputy Ex Secretary, UN Climate Change
@anyasastry12 Sastry, Anya Student activist, Natl Outreach Dir US Climate Strike
@AudenSchendler Schendler, Auden Activist- writer "Getting Green Done"
@zoeschlanger Schlanger, Zoe Environmental reporter
@skepticscience Science, Skeptical Gets skeptical about climate skepticism, debunks
@deantscott Scott, Dean T. Bloomberg climate reporter
@RoyalSegolene Segolene, Royal French Pres of #COP21  book about Climate justice no website
@SieberAndreas Seiber, Andreas Tweets about climate policy
@ashamerina Shamerina, Angelica Program advisor, Climage change grants
@PeterWSinclair Sinclair, Peter W. Producer This is Not Cool, Climate Denial Crock of the Week
@Anna_Skarbek Skarbek, Anna CEO ClimateWorks Australia
@jhcoleman2225 Snowman, James Harvard Undergrads for Environmental Justice
rsolnit Solnit, Rebecca One of our era's great essayists
@samstein Stein, Sam DB, MSNBC  asks for DM  Daily Beast
@karlastephan_ Stephan, Karla 15 year old activist, National Finance Dir, US Climate Strike
@climatekeith Stewart, Keith Climate & energy campaigner with Greenpeace Canada.
@RheaSuh Suh, Rhea Pres NRDC
@sunrisemvmt Sunrise Movement Climate change an urgent priority. Building an army of young people.
@GeoffreySupran Supran, Jeffrey Science activist studying climate denial
@jdsutter Sutter, John D. Reporter Investigative at CNN                    
@HirokoTabuchi Tabuchi, Hiroko Reporter, NYT
@jtemple Temple, James Editor @techreview    Climate pragmatist
@HalldorTh Thorgeirsson, Halldor Senior Director at the UN Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC). no website
@GretaThunberg Thunberg, Greta  Organizer Strike for Climate, catalyzing figure in youth's climate future.
@RashidaTlaib Tlaib, Rashida Speak truth to power
@PledgeOurFuture Trent, Corbin Cofounder of Justice Democrats
@Strike4Youth UK Strike for youth Positive action for global climate justice
@ukycc UK Youth Climate Coalition Global climate Justice
@usclimatestrike US Youth Climate Strike Youth speaking truth to power on environmental issues.
@TheYoungTurks Uygur, Cenk Home of Progressives
@janpaulvansoest van Soest, Jan Paul Sustainability: climate, energy, biodiversity and the economy
@AlexandriaV2005 Villsenor, Alexandria 13 y.o. organizer and activist.
@ValerieVolco Volcovici, Valerie Reuters reporter in Washington. Climate, energy, public land policy,
@dwallacewells Wallace-Wells, David  Deputy editor and climate columnist for New York magazine
@ret_ward Ward, Bob  Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change
@postgreen Washinton Post News on climate change
@evanlweber Weber, Evan Political strategy @sunrisemvmt
@amywestervelt Westervelt, Amy Podcast  "Drilled"  writer and climate activist.
@MWClimateSci White, Michael Climate science editor for Nature Mag Podcast
@SenWhitehouse Whitehouse, Sheldon Senator, Rhode Island, climate change activist and advocate.
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