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This is how to fight global warming.

These are the obstacles.

► An oil industry that profits from global warming and is determined to continue.
► A party of politicians that would like to keep being bankrolled by that same oil industry.
► A Climate Denialist Coalition that is funded by -- yep, the oil industry.
► Very poor climate coverage by the Mainstream Media which is beholden to the oil industry for ad revenue.
► A piece of bad luck that has been taken advantage of by, you guessed it, the oil industry.

All these obstacles (except for the bad luck) can be overcome with common sense, dedication and numbers.

Because there are more of us than there are of them.

The Bad News:
These are the obstacles we have to blast through--
 The constant daily CO2 pollution is invisible.
The Oil Companies are funding and operating a massive campaign of disinformation.
The Republicans Senate is being paid by the Oil Compaines to shut down all attempts to legislate climate solutions.
The media does a miserable job of reporting the seriousness of the global warming problem.
The Good News:
There is a good-sized climate movement happening around the world--
 The Green New Deal.
 100's of organizations with millions of followers are working to combat global warming.
 Kids are suing the government on health issues around the world, and winning.
 407 U.S. "Climate Mayors" have joined forces to follow the Paris Climate Accord.
 Students are striking to force adult climate accountability.

The bad luck:  Carbon dioxide (CO2) is invisible.

Unless we have a modified CO2 camera.

(Excerpt from "Racing Extinction")

If the CO2 were brown or orange or visible at all we would not be now facing the ruin of the planet. In 1908 we would've said to Henry Ford, "You need to stop that s#!% immediately!"

Burning fossil fuel is pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere all day, every day, all over the world.

(Excerpt from "Racing Extinction")

So who is causing all that CO2 pollution?

That's the main obstacle.

It's the petroleum companies.

And they are not changing their ways without a fight.

In fact, they've been fighting climate science since the late 70's. They knew what effects CO2 had on the planet and they lied about it. They've been lying about it for 40 years.

Here's the way it could have been:

After all, they were Energy Companies. In fact, engineers and researchers at Exxon in the ‘80s were sure that new sources of energy would be developed, given that Exxon’s own research predicted dire consequences for the environment from the continuous burning of fossil fuels. (See "Drilled" for the complete story.)

Instead, here's what they did:

They looked at the evidence of impending disaster and decided, "We'll take the low road." Is there another U.S. industry that is this devious? Even Big Pharma has the forthrightness to say, “... possible side effects include spasms that may become permanent,” or “this product may cause vomiting, diarrhea or death.”

These oil companies are truly the bottom of the barrel.

Or are they !?

Check out this guy.

An elected politician shilling for the oil companies: denying global warming.

Or this guy.

Another elected politician shilling for the oil companies.

Rolling Stone says it all:

"There is only one major political party in the world that denies the existence of climate change. "

The Republicans.

The politicians for sure. Not necessarily the voters.

"(The oil companies) got [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell totally in their corner with the floods of money they're pouring in to support his candidates."

The oil companies are offering the money, but these buyable politicians are taking the money. So the question is:

Who is more corrupt?

The briber (Exxon, Koch Bros, etc.) or the bribees (Republican senators and congressmen)?

We know that both parties get a maintenance drip of money from the oil companies. But:

Oil Money

That's oil money per year. Averaged over 8 years.

The Rebublican politicians take tens of millions more dirty oil money. As a result, the Republicans do and say exactly what the Oil Companies tell them to. Their voting record shows this.

So instead of listening to the people, 80% of whom believe the climate scientists and want action on global warming, these corrupt, pay-for-play Republicans take the money and refuse to deal with global warming in any way, guaranteeing billions in profits for the oil companies. Pretty slimy.

Blackooze, Warcraft RPG © Blizzard

This is real corrosive slime, the kind that eats away at people's belief that the government can do anything right or effective or meaningful.

3) So the political obstacle would be:

The Republican Senators.

There are 22 Republican senators up for re-election
in 2020.

Don't worry if you can't read their names. We're only concerned with 6 of them.

These fine examples of senatorial malfeasance can be voted out. Unseated. Sent packing.

If we do that, the Senate will flip from red to blue.
Below are some tactics for doing that.

4) But what about the 4th obstacle?

The Miserable Mainstream Media.

Here's the data.

2/3 of us don't see climate coverage hardly at all.
For an impending cataclysm that is a threat to life on this planet,
this is the definition of "measly" coverage.

Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope write: "...newsroom managers have failed to see the climate crisis as fundamental, all-encompassing, and worthy of attention from every journalist on their payrolls."

However, it's more than that.

Let’s say you in fact are a newsroom manager. The Koch Bros. and the American Petroleum Institute and Exxon Mobil advertise on your network. Are they going to love your news segment about the petroleum industry funding a giant misinformation campaign on global warming? Not hardly.

So you don't do the segment.
And you keep your job.

But it's worse than that, even.

The freaking oil companies are paying the New York Times and the Washington Post to produce and run advertisements for them. Yes! These newspapers are making advertorials about the 'decent motives' and the 'good citizenship' of the oil companies!

Check this out:

This is a big fat whopper. They are spending a miniscule part of their R&D budget on "algae" and the mega giant-sized part on drilling for oil.

A scam and a sham.

We have these media problems:

1) TV networks and producers are afraid to step on oil advertisers' toes.
2) The print media are doing the oil companies' dirty work.
3) Facebook is using Koch Bros fact-checking "experts" on climate change.
4) Outfits like
American Enterprise Institute and Americans for Prosperity and 254 (!) other Climate Denier Organizations are promoting climate denial in the media.


Here's how we deal with the obstacles.

Obstacle 1 — The invisible carbon dioxide

Think about the continuous CO2 being dumped into our atmosphere. Here’s an artist’s version of what is happening all day, every day.

This is bad news. We deal with it by letting it serve as motivation.

Obstacle 2 — Outmaneuvering the Oil Companies' Shenanigans:

Burning petroleum is responsible for 82% of the CO2 that is fouling our atmosphere and causing global warming.

How do we deal with that? We join together and convince them to reexamine their business plan. We cause them to branch out into renewable energy.

How do we do that?

We use a lot less petroleum.

According to this Yale study, there are 219 million climate-aware people in the U.S.A.

67% of U.S. population (329.8 million) = 219 million.

Plus 6 billion people around the world.

219 million people (in the U.S. alone) can make a big dent in the oil companies' control of the situation.

Fossil fuel actions you can take.

Read up on Oil Company chicanery and their misinformation (and deception) campaigns. Then:
Join an anti-fossil fuel organization or one of many action organizations tackling climate.
Definitely listen to Amy Westerveldt’s “Drilled” podcast.
Put solar panels on the roof. Save money and generate clean energy.
Get an electric car or motorcycle or truck (or bike). Or a plug-in hybrid.
Charge it with the solar panels and drive around for free. And generate clean energy.
Check out a renewable energy blog. Or a "Can climate change be solved?" blog.
Sit in on your local school board meeting. Get the lay of the land.
Go to a city council meeting. See who's who and what's what.
Fill out the Democratic questionnaire you get from the DCCC and make sure “global warming” is your top priority. If you don’t get one in the mail, use this one: online.
Fill out the Republican questionairre online and prioritize "global warming" wherever you can.
Email a news network and demand more (or even some) climate coverage. Here's a letter you can send.
See if your city is a member of Climate Mayors or is a C40 city. If so, there will be projects you can take action on.
See if your Company, County, College, Tribe, State, Health Care Org, or Faith Group is a signatory of WeAreStill In. There will be ways to get involved.
Buy stuff in glass bottles or cans when possible - not plastic bottles. Plastic is made out of oil. Plus, the making of plastic burns a lot of oil. More info
Put your investment money into fossil-free funds and stocks.
Play a climate denier fake news game. Learn how to spread misinformation!
More actions below in Political actions and Media actions.

Obstacle 3 — The Republican Politician Problem:

Again, according to the Yale study, there are 219 million climate-motivated people in the United States.
Interestingly, according to Gallup, this roughly coincides with the number of Democrats plus Independents in the U.S. now. (226 million).

So does that mean that if the Democrats, Independents and some Republican climate-conscious voters join forces, we can vote the miscreants out of office?

Political Actions you can take

► At the Federal level, vote Democrat for Senator and Representative.
► At the state level, check out the various candidates. If they waffle on climate change, vote for somebody else.
► Locally, check backgrounds on incumbent city council members. Vote them out unless they have climate-oriented credentials. You can estimate the climate-consciousness of, for example, this member vs. this member .
► Sit in on a city council meeting and ask about converting to electric transit buses .
►Go to your local school board meeting and advocate for transitioning to electric school buses.
► Check if the teacher or businessman up for your city council seat really walks the walk on clean energy.
► Follow and support the Green New Deal, and AOC and Ed Markey.
► Use this tool to check where the presidential candidates stand on climate: Tweet at the Presidential candidates.
► Run a political ad on Facebook or Twitter. Yes! You can run an ad! There are many demographic focusing options. Here’s some info.
► Sign's petition for a climate debate among the Democratic Presidential candidates.
► Vote the Trumpian Nightmare out of office. Vote for a Presidential candidate who signed the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge. This is important to prevent “backsliding” after taking office.
► Join #fridaysforfuture and/or and/or Sunrise Movement.

Obstacle 4 — The Miserable Mainstream Media:

Doug Chayka © Nation

It's the Mainstream Media that is doing all the foot-dragging and excuse-making and general equivocation when it comes to talking the truth about global warming.
Who are they? The Big Six.
Who are they really? A bunch of billionaires who will be insulated from the daily calamities of climate change by their money.

Is it reasonable to expect a decent response from the Big Six about some theoretical future climate problem?


But — is it reasonable to expect a response when their profits are affected — negatively?


The objective is to get more climate coverage in the mainstream media.

We will use the "carrot and the stick" approach.

The carrot is the massive ratings boost CNN (let's say) will get when they run a Climate Debate between a world-class asshat climate denialist (from Fox News or the Competitive Enterprise Institute) vs. say, Bill McKibben or Katherine Hayhoe or Greta Thunberg. Or a team of all three. It won't matter who "wins" or "loses" the debate: the objective will have been reached -- more climate coverage.

Okay, okay. That's a bad idea. I am chastised by Greta Thunberg, who recently said, "Where I come from, there is no debate." Right. The whole idea is to reject and throw out the whole "the science is debatable" falsehood.

So we will use the stick exclusively. We send the news outlets our petition for more climate coverage. The stick is when they waffle about that we say "OK, perhaps we stop buying the products that you advertise for a while." And we write to the advertisers and tell them "We want more climate coverage, but your cable channel refuses, so we have no recourse but to stop buying your products for a while," which will cause a spirited interchange between the advertisers and the cable channel.

We will bet that when John Stankey or Brian Roberts (or any of the Big Six) hear about the advertisers' sudden drop in profits, they will tell management: "Do the damn climate coverage."

This will only work when we have a network of 2+ million people who all sign the petition(s) and all write the letters and all boycott the products. Follow @CCWAFU

This is what we work toward. Meanwhile --

More actions you can take in terms of affecting the media.

Send a letter to MSNBC or CNN or ABC demanding more climate coverage. Here is a letter. Just copy, paste and email.
Send a letter to the New York Times and the WaPo and demand that they stop running Oil Company advertisements masquerading as editorials (advertorials) Here are two letters. Just choose and email.
Email a show host like Jake Tapper or Erin Burnett or Ari Melber or Joy Reed, asking them for more climate coverage. Here's an email . Just copy, paste and email.

There are 219 million climate-aware people in the U.S.
United, we can get things done.

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